perjantai 29. heinäkuuta 2011

Practise with gothiced italic

Text should be a little tighter... poem is about kestrel (falco tinnunculus), but feather is not kestrels.

perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011

Former work and development

On the first weekend I had this kind of idea for a work:

The moon was golden, but everybody told me that it should be silver. Well, I know the tango "Hopeinen kuu" Silver Moon, but on my opinion the moon can bee golden.... What do you think?

Anyway, here is the final work; the moon is silver and I have changed the script too..

September 3-4

Next weekend will take place at Morton Morrell. It is not so easy to get there as it was to Cambridge.
Me and Marika shall fly on thursday to London Gatwick airport and we will overnight in London. In the morning we will take the train to Leamington Spa and from there to college by taxi (it is only about 7 mails).

Marika in train when we took a little "sightseeing"....

Project for September...

At first I thought that I will do gothic script (that was in April). I tried some, but no, it didn´t seem to work.

Then I tried Irene Wellingntons gothiced italic script.

Here is gothiced italic by Irenes style.

Finally I choosed this style, its is gothiced italic too, but different from Irene´s.

This is almost a final piece by that script.

For the next time in September

We will meet next time in September.
This time our project is:
try something you haven´t done before. It can be a script or a technic etc. Something that is useful to you. Explore, you don´t need to do a finished piece.
plus you can also do your last work, if you want to.

After first weekend

...I felt quite confused. It is hard to listen and speak in english almost all the time. It is a relief that there are three of us from Finland.

First meeting

We had a project for our first meeting: theme was ´place´. I had many ideas how to procress the work, I didn´t have a finished piece (which was the idea). My place was a vampire forest or something like that.
Me and Sarah in restaurant on friday evening

Newnham College

First weekend 2-3.4.2011

Our first weekend was in Cambridge, in Newnham College.
When we (me, Marika and Anja) left from Finland, it was winter - snow and snow.
So we were really charmed by green lawns and the flowers that was blossoming.
We came by plane to Stanstedt - and our plane war late about two hours, so we missed a little bit from the start.
It was supposed to meet other members of our group in restaurant and eat together and get to know each other.

We game late and we were exhausted and hungry that we almost fall asleep after dinner.

Newnham College gave marvelous surroundings for our weekend. What a beautitul place !

What is ATS?

ATS = The Advanced Training Scheme.
The Society of Scribes and Illuminators in UK gives this course, which started in 1985. The Scheme exists to provide a structure of tuition, support and guidance for those calligraphers who want to develop their work in a more personal direction. It's not a teaching course. It's a programme which encourages students to find their own way ahead, and the tutors are very skilled in helping you do just that.(you can find more information

I started last spring, I`m a member of group 25. There are seven of us: myself, Marika, Anja, Chris, Sarah, Marion and Angela. Our tutors are Cherrell Avery and Gillian Hazeldine.