tiistai 23. elokuuta 2011

Häme medieval fair

Finnish Calligraphy Society had an exhibition at the historical museum during medieval fair. On sunday 21.8.2011 Marika and I, we were there writing and telling about calligraphy.
People were able to try writing with feather.

Summer in Finland....

We visited at Anjas summer cottage, and of course she showed us some calligraphy...

What is summer without swimming in the lake....water was so lovely... I am swimming here in the evening about 10 p.m. and still light. Anjas cottage was in the island and the lake is Längelmävesi.

Albert & Charlene

Wedding congratulation to Prince Albert and Charlene....commission work

Other things..

During the summer I´ve done some cards.

here are congrulation cards for graduation.                               ..and here one for confirmation