torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011


Last weekend I was teaching italic, basic stuff, to fourteen people in Kangasala (a town about 32 kilometers from my home). People were very enthusiastic. We did italic minuscules, italic capitals, some colour experiments with soft pastels, two colour writing and cola pens.


tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

Chris: My garden seat

Chris had carved images out of lino. She had printed images with oil based colours, which are not easy to write on. Book has a lovely cover, which invites you to open the book. "Nearly there!" said tutors.

Chris and her works

Our "homeworks" - Sarah

In April

And now it was like this

"When you have less background, the focus gets to the poem", said our tutors.

At Morton Morrell

Morton Morrell was a really nice place in the countryside. There was an old mansion on the area, unfortunately it had been burned few years ago, and it has not been restored. But it is beautiful from outside. We took a walk to there every day and injoined the view....
Anja and I hugging the tree  : )

torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011

2. time in ATS

This time we met in Warwickshire in Morton Morrell acriculture college 2-4.9.2011
It was much more easier this time, because we knew what to expect and we knew all the people from our group.
Although the place was not so easy to travel to: I game with Marika on thursday to London via Riga.
 We flew with Air Baltic. We spent one night in London in B & B acommodation near Marylebone station, from where we took a train to Leamington Spa. Anja joined us in Marylebone station and we all three travelled from there to college, first by train and then we took a taxi to college (it was only about 7 miles from the station).

Marika & Anja in Leamington Spa