maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2012

Ted Baker & calligraphers

We bought in our last visit in Cambridge these lovely wallets from Stanstedt airport.
On the left in Anjas, in the middle Marikas and on the right mine.

Calligraphy Symposium

I spent a week in Kankaanpää 15.6.-21.6. There was Calligraphy Symposium.
I attempt Carl Rohrs workshops "Contemporaty calligraphy techniques" and "The Modern Calligraphy Brush"
Carl Rohrs is an american calligraphy and it was great!
Contemporary calligraphy is a combination of thought, touch, tools and technique. We’ll be exploring the specific techniques for making modern letterforms with flat and ruling pens. Students will be encouraged to explore the the different handling requirements of each tool as well as the different effects they produce. Participants will also focus on the delicate sense of contact between pen and paper as well as develop a greater awareness of the effects of pen angle on the range and weight of letterforms
The modern calligraphy brush This workshop will focus on the different thought processes and working techniques of pointed and flat brush work. Through demonstration, analysis and hands on work participants will become aware of the sensitivity and responsiveness of the brush and its ability to express emotion and mood. Students will gain an understanding of freely written brush made letterforms and the potential of the tool to create vigorous and expressive effects.
Carl and I

Some trials with Horizon pen


My friend Marika graduated 15.6.2012;
Degree Programme Bachelor of Calligraphic Arts.
Cheers !
Here are new artists.