maanantai 31. joulukuuta 2012

torstai 6. joulukuuta 2012

Writing christmas cards

Today I have been making some christmas cards and writing adresses. The last day to post them is 13.12.,
so I still have some time.....

torstai 29. marraskuuta 2012

Xmas card design

Here are two christmas cards designed for Felt flower shop. When I was planning these cards, I considered the colours, which Sirkka uses; mainly green and white.

The cards are for sale at Tampere Christmas Market 5.12.-23.12.2012 at Sirkka´s stall, place 7.

maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012


I did some bookbinding

Asa-no-ha binding...

and a box for those books from batik fabric.

lauantai 15. syyskuuta 2012

New Finnish Calligraphy book !

A Finnish Calligraphy book just appears. Book has been made by the members of Finnish Calligraphy Society together with publisher "Moreeni". "Kirjain kirjaimelta" (A letter by letter) presents new Finnish calligraphy. Above all the book focuses on different projects, techniques and scripts. There is also a Gallery.
This is the FIRST of a kind in Finland.

The cover of the book.

My copperplate script.

My works.

My poem on progress

This is a piece which I did with brush. Originally I thought it could be a background for the poem.
But actually it is fine by itself...

Morton Morrell part 3

On Sunday Cherrell Avery gave a lecture about her Calligraphy Resident at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
You can read more about in her blog

Morton Morrell part 2

On Saturday evening we had a special dinner; this is the last weekend for third class students.
This year group 24 invited all of us  to "treat time" after lecture.

Invitation was beside our plates.

Well, the lecture was on Sunday morning, because the door was locked...

So we had our treat earlier.

They treated us with wine and chocolates, in English colours.

Moreton Morrell 31.8.-2.9.2012, part 1

This time we travelled to Moreton Morrell on the same day, first by plane from Tampere to Stansted. From Stansted we took a bus to London. We were supposed to stay out at Marylebone, but the driver never said that stop (we should have got out at Baker Street...). So we went all the way to Victoria Station. We took a taxi to Marylebone station, from where we continued by train to Leamington Spa and then by taxi to the college. Well, we arrived just in time for dinner at 19:00.
A quick cafe latte and smoothie at the Marylebone station (Marika and Anja).

On Saturday the class started at 10:00. Before that we took a little walk and had breakfast.
At first we put our works on the wall and discussed about them.
The chairman of SSI (The Society of Scribes and Illuminators) Sylvie visited all the classes on Saturday.
She discussed with all of us about our works and gave some advices and comments.
Sylvie with Marika, discussing about Marikas work.

sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

torstai 9. elokuuta 2012

Poem on progress

For our last meeting I did this poem.

The advice I got, was to make the background darker, because it is about a stormy weather. Well, here:

Still, it has to have something, that draws your eye to the work, so I placed a bird Sterna paradisaea,
what do you think, is it too big?

sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2012

Two birds with one stone

I have done black & and white works for next ATS meeting (among other things), because Finnish Calligraphy Society is going to have exhibition next year, and the theme is Black & White.
Here are some trials:

Traditional gaelic blessing

tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012

For meeting in september

A poem about dragonfly:
some title trials with flat brush and text layout....

maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2012

Ted Baker & calligraphers

We bought in our last visit in Cambridge these lovely wallets from Stanstedt airport.
On the left in Anjas, in the middle Marikas and on the right mine.

Calligraphy Symposium

I spent a week in Kankaanpää 15.6.-21.6. There was Calligraphy Symposium.
I attempt Carl Rohrs workshops "Contemporaty calligraphy techniques" and "The Modern Calligraphy Brush"
Carl Rohrs is an american calligraphy and it was great!
Contemporary calligraphy is a combination of thought, touch, tools and technique. We’ll be exploring the specific techniques for making modern letterforms with flat and ruling pens. Students will be encouraged to explore the the different handling requirements of each tool as well as the different effects they produce. Participants will also focus on the delicate sense of contact between pen and paper as well as develop a greater awareness of the effects of pen angle on the range and weight of letterforms
The modern calligraphy brush This workshop will focus on the different thought processes and working techniques of pointed and flat brush work. Through demonstration, analysis and hands on work participants will become aware of the sensitivity and responsiveness of the brush and its ability to express emotion and mood. Students will gain an understanding of freely written brush made letterforms and the potential of the tool to create vigorous and expressive effects.
Carl and I

Some trials with Horizon pen


My friend Marika graduated 15.6.2012;
Degree Programme Bachelor of Calligraphic Arts.
Cheers !
Here are new artists.

keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Kettle´s Yard

We heard about Kettle´s Yard from Hazel and Ian showed the place from the map. It was not far away from the college, so on Sunday afternoon I walked there with Marika.
"Kettle´s Yard is a beautiful house that contains a remarkable collection of modern art. Works of art are interspersed with natural objects and the house remains largely as it was when its pioneering founder, Jim Ede, live here."
Marika and me.

You can read all the books there.

Second year started

ATS - second year started on weekend 13-15.4.2012 in Cambridge.
This year is practical, which means that we will write. Our tutors are two gentlemen, Ian Garrett and John Nash.
On Saturday we started by putting our works on the wall. After that we discussed about them and in the afternoon we started to work. Therefore we had to carry with us pens, ink, paper and other equipments.
It was not possible to bring drawing boards with us from Finland. But luckily Gillian brought them for us, thank you Jilly!
Our group was smaller than last year, because Sarah had a baby and she is taking a break for this year.
Well there were three Finnish and three English students.

Our classroom, displaying works on the wall.
Marika displaying her works on the wall.

Discussing about my works with tutors.

Angela and her works.
Angelas "Granny-tree"