sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2012

Heading for next meeting in April

This is a work which I started year 2003 in the end of calligraphy  basic course in Kankaanpää.
We were supposed to do the final work with foundational hand, but it was abandoned.
I was looking through my drawers and I found this and I thought that I`ll finish this work.
Ali-Marttila farm, located in village of Tottijärvi (which is part of the city of Nokia) has been in the same family since 1733. During this time the following family members has been living in the farm.
So this is a list of my family members, who has been living on this same farm since 1733.

This time I´ll make the work smaller, but I´ll use foundational script as well as before. About colors and illustration I´m not yet sure. Well, text in black or brown…

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