keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Second year started

ATS - second year started on weekend 13-15.4.2012 in Cambridge.
This year is practical, which means that we will write. Our tutors are two gentlemen, Ian Garrett and John Nash.
On Saturday we started by putting our works on the wall. After that we discussed about them and in the afternoon we started to work. Therefore we had to carry with us pens, ink, paper and other equipments.
It was not possible to bring drawing boards with us from Finland. But luckily Gillian brought them for us, thank you Jilly!
Our group was smaller than last year, because Sarah had a baby and she is taking a break for this year.
Well there were three Finnish and three English students.

Our classroom, displaying works on the wall.
Marika displaying her works on the wall.

Discussing about my works with tutors.

Angela and her works.
Angelas "Granny-tree"

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