lauantai 15. syyskuuta 2012

Moreton Morrell 31.8.-2.9.2012, part 1

This time we travelled to Moreton Morrell on the same day, first by plane from Tampere to Stansted. From Stansted we took a bus to London. We were supposed to stay out at Marylebone, but the driver never said that stop (we should have got out at Baker Street...). So we went all the way to Victoria Station. We took a taxi to Marylebone station, from where we continued by train to Leamington Spa and then by taxi to the college. Well, we arrived just in time for dinner at 19:00.
A quick cafe latte and smoothie at the Marylebone station (Marika and Anja).

On Saturday the class started at 10:00. Before that we took a little walk and had breakfast.
At first we put our works on the wall and discussed about them.
The chairman of SSI (The Society of Scribes and Illuminators) Sylvie visited all the classes on Saturday.
She discussed with all of us about our works and gave some advices and comments.
Sylvie with Marika, discussing about Marikas work.

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